Individual consulting for artists, writers, film makers, designers, and collectors

  • Website Design & Maintenance

    Graphic Design & Website Production.
    Strategic Planning & Goal Setting.
    Photography & Portraiture.
  • Promotion
    Marketing, Email & Social Media.
    Press & Public Relations.
  • ART Book Design & Produciton

    In-house design & production
    Placement and referral for design and publication through third party publisher
  • Pop-up Exhibition Production

    Local, National & International production of Pop-up event, Museum Exhibition, Third-party gallery collaboration.


Online Gallery Representation

  • Art Placement | Sales | Exhibiton

    On & Offline Sales & Marketing through Mailchimp, Social Media, Pop-up, Museum & Collaborative Exhibitions. Local. Regional. National. International.

    Online presence with with
    2 million user base.


Curating & Collecting

  • Curating for Artists through Pop-up, Museum and Collaborative Exhibtion
  • Art placement & consulting for collectors, designers, and curators
  • Secondary Market