Nothing Here Is Past | Pop-Up | June 2-4 / by Tasha Ostrander

Last week, braveART experienced an interesting synchronistic moment between artist Maryellen Stewart, the philosophies behind her work and Mother Nature, herself. 

After a meeting with Maryellen and her husband Lee, talking of art and gardening, feeling the sun upon our backs and frolicking with the sixth of their adopted dogs of odd shapes and abnormalities, the Stewart’s generously gave us gifts from their garden of copious iris and tomatoes. We felt almost guilty cutting blossoms opening in their most glorious moment of living. Nature was harmonious and sensuous. We all felt a relief with spring and kindness in the air.

Maryellen had a new painting up on the easel that dealt with a combination of vertical and horizontal energies. A landscape on the bottom third of the painting shows time in the long term geological sense, rain and light are the vertical energies, shifting on a momentary basis. To see permanence and impermanence, in the same frame, as the constant in our lives, shows everything relative and in motion.  

By the time we were back at the office and had our flowers in a vase, an email came through from Maryellen informing us that a harsh hail storm had rolled in so unexpectedly that she and Lee were unable to cover any of the flowers or tomato plants, thus all the irises were shredded, Nature had shifted, our flowers were even more special. Such transition in the weather had illustrated so much of what Maryellen talks about in relationship with her work. Her paintings, abstracted portraits of time and weather, condensed, passing observations of light and strata that a painter sees and keeps, the observation and the conditions that will never be the same, and thus the artist saves the moment of shift and balance. 


WHEN | JUNE 2-4 | 2017
WHERE | freeform art space | 1619 Ce de Baca Lane | santa fe (map)

HOURS | SATURDAY | JUNE 3 | 1-5pm | SUNDAY | JUNE 4 | 1-4pm

 Nothing Here is Past, 2017, oil on canvas, 40 x 48 in.

Nothing Here is Past, 2017, oil on canvas, 40 x 48 in.