Ciel Bergman: "They Tried to Kill Painting In The Last 60 Years" / by Tasha Ostrander & Ben Lincoln

 Ciel Bergman, Helios D.A.B.I.S, Oil 0n canvas, 36"x36", 2015

Ciel Bergman, Helios D.A.B.I.S, Oil 0n canvas, 36"x36", 2015


In May 2016, braveART sat down with Ciel Bergman for a video taped interview to talk about her career, her life, and her thoughts about the state of Art in the world. Following is a remarkable transcript/exceprt from that interview. Bergman speaks to the importance of painting over the history of human existence. Beyond her ability to create works or art, Bergman articulates with a clarity and genius that painting, without a doubt, is the sustenance of life. 

Bergman, in her own words:

"[PAINTING] is at least 35,000 years old and is the only contiguous handmade record of homosapiens' perception, cognition and understanding of what it is to be.  There are all kinds of other tools....the camera and the computer and all these other things....but those attenuate -  [gesturing to painted works in the studio] I mean this is handmade - this is out of the same heart, mind and soul of a homosapien from the cave paintings.  So, it's like an indelible record of our [weltschmerz] - it's our like - you know we don't what paintings of this decade or this century, should we survive, will have the deepest meaning in the long run, but I believe absolutely in the importance of painting. Absolutely. Even though they tried to kill it in the last sixty years  - you can't kill painting. It's like music - it's part of poetry, music - it is very much a part of the drive of the soul: to make marks". 

-Ciel Bergman