Ciel Bergman: Archives Uncovered: Gaa-Tay-Gaa-Tay (Article #1) / by Tasha Ostrander & Ben Lincoln

 Gaa-Tay-Gaa-Tay #4, 2011, Oil on gessoed Fabriano Italian Rag Watercolor Paper, 30 x 32

Gaa-Tay-Gaa-Tay #4, 2011, Oil on gessoed Fabriano Italian Rag Watercolor Paper, 30 x 32


In the months to come, Tasha Ostrander will sort through and document these works as individual portfolios, each representing a certain thought of which came to Ciel Bergman. A thought that became an epic scenic poem dedicated to the heart of the environment. Bergman is both an environmentalist and an artist on a soul level, painting and drawing through a Maximalist language. The images are multi layered, thought-scapes, embedded with personal and scientific symbology, using Beauty as the most powerful Antidote to the threat of our environmental losses. Bergman uses both abstraction and impeccable realism to paint and draw that which she sees both in and within Nature. braveART invites our followers to share these works as they are uncovered and revealed through the excavation of these rich and wonderful archives. 


Bergman's inspiration for the Gaa-Tay-Gaa-Tay series:

"Driving across the Mojave, in 2009, on one of many returns  to my native California from New Mexico, I noticed the brutal suffering of familiar desert flora. I had never seen them looking black, acres of ocotillo, cacti and  mesquite by half, thoroughly desiccated. Dead! 

Descending toward the Pacific from Tajachapi  Pass, ordinarily green leaves of the highly xeric native California Live Oaks were amber yellow, moss olive, dried and waxen. A tortured rippling dance in heat waves still rising off the sunset lit western slope. Branches dropped. Drought stress unseen in possibly generations. Thousands of trees. Too hot, too dry for natives. I could see our future written. These gaa-tay paintings are prayers to abate suffering. Heart broken. I grew up with these natives! I barely could recognize them!" -Ciel Bergman



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