NATALIE BIESER - Pop-up! December 9, 2016 | Santa Fe / by Tasha Ostrander

  Come From Behind  1981, Watercolor on Arches watercolor paper, 40" x 60"

Come From Behind 1981, Watercolor on Arches watercolor paper, 40" x 60"


braveART is pleased to announce a Pop-up exhibition this December with watercolorist, Natalie Bieser

The show, "Sierra Mountain Time", features prior work from Bieser during the launch of her career in the early 1980s. Eight canvases (40"x60") and four (22"x30") reflect Bieser's influence of Charles Chagal - movements within a landscape, sublimating form and color. The show includes seven of Bieser's newest works from 2016 in a series entitled, "Square One".

Natalie Bieser | Pop-up Exhibition: "Sierra Mountain Time"
December 9, 2016 | Friday | Opening Reception | 5-7pm

Extended Hours
December 10 & 11 | Saturday & Sunday | 12-5pm

Natalie Bieser Studio
1225 Parkway Drive
Santa Fe, NM, 87507 (map)

Of her newest works in "Square One", Bieser writes:

A Shape Shifter

When out in nature I find it difficult to ignore that great shape shifter… the wind.

Wind, lacking a strict appearance of it’s own can show up as a ripple on water, or maybe a cloud of sand particles hurling themselves against a cheek,

sometimes as a disturbance through grasses, or the simple rustle of leaves. So many expressions are available to this creative shape shifter. 

It’s only a matter of taking notice to identify the magician.

- Natalie Bieser

  Disturbance   2016, Watercolor on Arches watercolor paper, 22" x 30"

Disturbance 2016, Watercolor on Arches watercolor paper, 22" x 30"